Torino Poster Campaign
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Torino Poster Camapaign is based on a field study of the social patterns, culture and aesthetic of the street dwellers and vendors of Torino, Italy. 

Our understanding of their world were processed within the exchange and simultaneous production of pictures, business cards, postcards and posters.


This poster campaign started a poster collaboration with 9 different street vendors/dwellers each belonging to different groups and territories of the city. Each vendor/dweller got his/her own personal designed poster. All posters where shown first in Parratissima 2014 and got selected to be shown in Musei Nazionale dell'Automobile in 2015. Later the poster exhibition have been shown at other places both in Italy and finally at Tapperiet in Denmark at the exhibition 'Songs from a Soupcan'.


The Italien poster campaign is a contianuation of the reasearch and productions in Mumbai. It is an idea of travelling poster-production that desires to understand and represent the people that live, work and dream in the cracks of society. The poster-collection becomes bigger for every country it visits and the story and representation of the urban poor is told and discussed while these posters are exhibited all around in the world.

Free Roses
VIDEO. 01:43 MIN.

Collaboration with two informal working immigrants from Senegal and Bangladesh. The installation depicts commercials for the businesses of the informal vendors. During the exhibition opening, Shohel, a rose vendor from Bangladesh, was handing out free roses and business cards to visitors. In front of the installation a Senegalese accessory shop is displayed.

Exhibition at Clark House Initiative. Outdoor presentation and poster works
Italy, Torino Januar 2017
'Songs from a Soupcan'
Tapperiet, Køge, 2016
Bottega Baretti
Italy, April 2016
Musei Nazionale dell’Automobile,
Italy, March 2015
Torino Esposizioni,
Italy November, 2014