Selam Selam
In progress
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Selam Salam is a video art project based on a participatory process with a refugee community, who were given temporarily residence in an out-of-use retirement home, Hannebjerg, located in an upper-class residential area in the town of Hørsholm, Denmark. Together with the community we opened up a filmstudio in one of the leftover rooms. This functioned as a platform for experiments and cultural exchange, where the everyday life in Hannebjerg in relation to the neighbourhood where documented, performed and reenacted.

The process ended out in the 20 min short film When Strangers Move In that depicts the everyday life of the community. The film is a poetic and nomadic mediation on the life of refugees and their becoming and fragility in relation to the new territories they enter socially, physically and mentally.

The narration of the film is made with a voice over in Tigrinya language, which describes the different events as they unfold. The film is told through a nomadic, open-ended and playful process of life as it unfolds; describing moments, events and feelings as they interfere in time and space.

Furthermore this project experiments with the role of the artist as a cross-disciplinary researcher on social contemporary realities, participatory processes and production of aesthetics. Part of the project is a range of publications on participation, intercultural issues of local planning, media and everyday perceptions, as well as media and aesthetics.