Picture with White
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After the establishment of a White Leasing Company in Copenhagen we agreed the first contract between the White Leasing Association and Mr. Khan; informal tourist photographer in Mumbai. WLA is obliged to lease 2 whites to work under Khan’s instruction. 20 % of the earnings during leasing period is to be paid to WLA. As a result of the contract we worked for Mr. Khan as photographic objects and attraction for his tourist photography business. During the period Mr. Khan’s earning was raised by 700 %.

This project was made in relation to the Colaba People Poster Campaign as a way to reflect on our own social position as artists, thus to expose a social hierarchy but as well divert it.

Nomad In Times, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 2014.

Performance at Gateway of India
Photo documentation
Video documentation 00:56 min.
Contract with white leasing company and local photographer Mr. Khan