Colaba Poster Campaign
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After studying the presence of commercial and global symbolics, images and values amongst the informal vendors and street dwellers in the central Mumbai, we got knowledge on how images of hierarchies, consumption, class and global citizenship is shaping an utopian imagination amongst the urban poor. These observations led to the decision to open a nomadic advertisement bureau offering free graphic advertisement consultation to dwellers and informal sellers of the streets of Mumbai. By doing this we aimed at rerouriting  forms of representation into a local aesthetic languague created with the participants. The project furthermore put attention on a segregated urban society that tends to criminalize activities of the urban poor such as squatting, streetdwelling and street vending. By setting up a participatory advertisement process these groups were rather imagined and represented as a vital and essential part of the urban environment.   

During the three month workshop with various groups of different ethnicities and informal business participated in the advertisement workshop and designed commercial representation of their work or everyday life. The process resulted in a public poster campaign as well as an exhibition.

By time this concept has developmed into a global nomadic advertisement bureau so far working with informal vendors and street dwellers in Denmark, Italy and Argentina.


Exhibition at Clark House Initiative. Outdoor presentation and poster works
'Songs from a Soupcan'
Tapperiet, Køge, 2016
'And I laid traps fot the troubadours who get killed before they reached Bombay' 
Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, 2014.

'Tales Between Borders'

Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, 2014

'Nomad In Times''

Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 2014.

'Colaba People Picture Show'

Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, 2013


Poster from the campaign
Pictures from the the collaboration and the local society